Friday, January 22, 2010


I love desserts (anything edible actually). I used to make my version of pastillas when I was kid. I just mixed drops of water with powdered milk and sugar. And then I'd dip it in condensed milk (talk about sugar rush). Honey tasted funky. It was a hit in my neighborhood! But I think it was mostly because kids eat anything handed to them.
I also used to put everything in my morning cereal and oats. Breakfast AND dessert at the same time. Peanutbutter, banana and cereal sandwich. Mutated refrigerator cakes. Blocks of cheese and fruits. I spent hours cupboard raiding and staring at "ingredients" in our mini store.
If I weren't a software engineer, I would have been a chef. Or a pastry chef. It's easier to calm my desire for food stuff now that I can actually afford it.
Why the sudden reminiscing of childhood fun stuff?
I've been hoarding again. My desk has crackers, awesome peanut butter, apple and cinnamon cookies, cashew nuts, leche flan, cranberry and cream bread. I'm thinking about buying fruits over the weekend to store here. MMmmm.. This won't be good for my waistline but Aisa said she'd still like me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

daily dose of furry goodness

(speak no evil)

(hear no evil)

(see no evil)

with no one challenging me, i choose to challenge myself

OK. Correction. I didn't really LIKE school. HELLLLLLL - this is my best description of it. But there were fun moments. What really drove me was the mental image of my mom hanging me upside down from the top of our very tall plum tree if I ever failed in any subject - including PE.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bucket list

1. Sky dive while eating a cheeseburger with lots and lots of pickles.. (on second thought, I really should put this at the very last of my list. I might die here and never get to do the others)

2. Visit the China and eat siopao. Mmm.. about 4 of 'em. I might as well visit the Great Wall of China, right?

3. White water rafting and kayaking. Now. I wanna do this now.

4. Take up cooking classes. This is why I'm "jiggly". I love food too much.

5. Learn sign language.

6. Earn a martial arts belt. No no no.. not the white belt. I want a belt at least 3 steps lower than the black belt. I have a green karate belt with brown stripes now but since I don't see myself going back to karate, I'll have to start again in my upcoming Aikido classes. Excited for Saturday! Woot!

7. Abs. I'm probably gonna achieve this in my late forties (mostly because I eat too much of everything).. but by then it wouldn't look so cool on my forty-ish body. Damned.

8. Learn a new language. I'm considering Mandarin. - this will probably take forever.. So I shouldn't die yet.

9. Visit France. Louvre museum. And I want to try that Parisian thing where you knock on your lover's door and flirt til you die of starvation.
Hmm.. I might as well strive for a Eurotrip right? Eurotrip it is!

10. Scuba dive. I'm still considering this one even if I have a sinus problem that would just kill me if there's too much pressure on my ears. I might not breathe or hear again but at least I can finally have a meaningful conversation with Flounder and Dory.

I'm pretty sure I'll come up with something else to add to my list. But for now, these are the things I wanna do before I die. I'm just happy I could do most of them with Aisa. Diba Sang?