Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the gayness of it all

I do sincerely hope that your children (or any of the people you know and love, for that matter) won’t turn out to be gay. It is such a shame to know that their own parents never fought for their rights.

I do hope your god will bestow upon them the same love, respect and kindness you've shown to other people.

I hope no one will hurt them and tell them that they do not belong in this world. I hope they can find it in themselves to be happy. They deserve peace.

I hope no one will look upon you and think less of you.

I am sure that you are proud of how you spent your time here on earth.

Death may be years away. Or it may be the next second. For now, I will try to be kind especially when it has become the hardest thing to do. 

I will do this, not because a book says to do so or else feel the wrath of god. I do not fear eternal damnation. I will do this because people are just flecks and our time in this world is such a short one to waste on hate, greed, and prejudice. I will do this because I know how it feels like to be hurt by people who do not even know you. I will do this because I was taught to love.