Monday, November 26, 2012

Going home..

I miss Cebu sometimes. I miss the laid back every days. I miss the simple things in life.
I miss home.


But I think my home has become this girl that I wake up to every morning and come home to every night.
I can't be too whiny about that.. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Friendster always has fun halloween parties for the kids. Fun for me 'coz I didn't have to work. Who can honestly concentrate with these little piggies running around? Kids this size scare the hell out of me. I always have this weird feeling I might forget to look down and accidentally squish one of them.

 (counting the hoard)

 (matagal nang hindi nalinisan ni Ate Ana!)

Our new QA engineer. Ayaw pa disturb ni ate butterfly! Serious sa work!


Almost got ya..

Seriously. Taking pictures of these kids reminds me of taking pictures of puppies. All fur and blur.

Haha! I knew I'd get ya! Isn't she such a cutiepie? :)

There were more than 30 kids at the office. I tried to take pictures of their really cute costumes but I didn't have enough candies to bribe them into standing still. Little extortionists!!

Manananggal ni kuya guard. Galing no? It's made of basuro. He just carved it. Asttegg.

On a side note, things have been getting better. Talking helps I guess.. :)

I dunno why she likes to stick her face into my armpit when she sleeps. But me thinks it's cute.. 

And I think I'm gaining weight. Love for food (I can't even blame stress eating. I'm not stressed at all.) + being a couch potato = Flabs. I hate the holidays. I always have a headstart on gaining weight. It's only October and I have eaten 5 pounds. I wonder what I'll look like come January. Oh well.. Eat Pray Love! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

bridge rappelling and free fallingggggg....


My second happiness post.

I went with the TEAZONE group last Saturday to try bridge rappelling and free-falling.

The bridge is estimated to be just above 8 storeys high. The first jump was a warm up. Swiss style is just easy breezy.  See that stupid grin on my face? That's how easy it was.

Now the Aussie style (ala Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible) is a different story. You have to contemplate the meaning of life. It makes you think 'why on earth am I doing this?'. Why do I have to deal with strap wedgies? I also had the flu while doing this so pictures were the last thing on my mind. It sucked that I was sick while doing the Aussie. Imagine trying to reassure the belayer (my life depends on her) that there is no threat of dropping mucus.

This is Jeff doing the Aussie before free-falling. I forgot to ask them to take a picture of me doing it. Sucks. When you think your life is ending, you don't want them to have a souvenir. I won't make the same mistake next time. hehehe 

 Cold Cold Cold river. Its a nice swim after the adventure.

You can find TEAZONE of Facebook. Join the group if you're anything like us. They also offer rock climbing and bouldering, etc. Fees are usually from 500php to 1000php.

That's all folks. Til the next adventure!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

on trust and happiness..

I have decided to just trust her and move on with my life.

I have decided to be happy.


Steps to be happy #1

Shoe shopping with my mom. Lovely lovely lovely shoesss!! Reebok Zig :D I wanna make out with it. The last time I bought shoes was 5 years ago. Sheesshh.. I was pegging the budget at 3k. Turns out, there are no more shoes that costs below 5k. The fuq. I bought this one on sale for 4k. It used to be 6k. I feel so blessed. Mhehehe

 Flew my mom in for some counsel. Mother knows best. And she's right of course. Plus she cleaned the apartment. ahahahaha.. She's OC like that.

Lunch with my mom at YABU katsu.

My mom never fails to make me feel better. Thanks Ma!

Yeah.. I'm a mother's girl. I don't have a dad. It's an immaculate conception.

Monday, June 25, 2012

on stress and acid reflux

I'm confused.

Not about my sexuality of course. When you're in 2nd grade and you keep on kissing your seatmate with pink bows, its more of a revelation that you were never straight to begin with.

I'm confused about my feelings and what I should do.

I've always thought that when you're in a relationship, you learn to depend on each other and you know who always goes first. There's no such thing as love that is "chill" or barely there. Love is supposed to be this thing that excites you and makes you giddy and makes you crazy. It's supposed to be extremely cheezyy.. It's when you're looking for her at the mall and when you finally see her, you can't help but give her this 10kilowatt smile that's brighter than the mall spotlights. It's feeling.. whole.

I feel those things, mind you, but what if the other doesn't? What if she has a different definition of it? What if she used to be all those things but then something changed and then she's not like that anymore?What if that's her new definition of love?

-_-      zzzZZZZ...

I'm scared that one day, I won't have those feelings for her. Being kilig. Hurrying home just to have dinner together. Waiting for her to wake up before texting her. Cancelling some plans just to support her. It's been more than three years now and I still feel the same way.. I still crave for the minutes together.. I still have that silly smile whenever I remember the weird things she does.

I'll try to be chill. I will try so hard because what I'm feeling for her right now is not chill at all.

This is my promise : 
- I solemnly swear to stop singing loveydovey songs for you the next time we go to Redbox and just sing those emo rock songs instead. You won't have to pry the mike from my hands. Because rock songs make me look cool.
- The next time we meet up, I'll give you a cursory nod and a small smirk. Because I'm maangas like that.
- I solemnly swear to prevent starvation by eating dinner at the office before the very long ride home. You will probably be still asleep and wake up at around 11pm anyway.
- I will not make those origami things and stick cheezy love letters in them. Because it's so highschool.
- I will not surprise you with out of town trips. Because you will probably have other plans anyway and you can't cancel on them.
- I will not be threatened by your guys friends even if you're sweeter to them than to me. Because that's just irrational fear, right? Friends will only be friends. Because every girl should have a guy friend they can hug.
- I will ignore tweets to your crushes like 'kinikilig ako pag nakikita kita'. Even if it feels like being stabbed by a million toothpicks, they don't mean anything because being in love means you should not be cheesy. That was sooo cheesy, therefore, you are not in love. And because they are just crushes and crushes won't develop into anything else.. ever, right?
- I will still be there for you.. (this one I can't give up. that's because you suck in taking care of yourself.)
- ....

This is stressing me out. I hope I don't have bald spots now.

I dunno.. Maybe when I grow older, I'll be more 'chill'.. Maybe I will learn to hide or tone down my feelings.. I'm 28 and I'm still just a hopeless romantic.

Monday, June 18, 2012

On books and beautiful curly haired boys..

First blog for 2012! Wooot! Procrastination at its worst. It took me half a year to compose this one. I had to remove my New Year's resolution list, HK, Cebu, SG trip blog, and that 30-things-to-do-before-I-die-part2 list. I'm so awesome.

I've been feeling a bit down lately. I don't know if it's the bipolar 'ala Britney' weather or the mounting flabs over my existing flabs due to the lack of exercise or The Sanga being more 'kilig' with crushes than with me. Ego. I really don't know.. But I'm blaming it on the book that I've been reading.

Game of Thrones.

It's awesome and stressful and heartbreaking. I actually threw my phone because I got so pissed they killed the direwolf. I like direwolves. They sound cool. They can rip your head off with one flick of their claw. Yada yada yada. Just plain Cool. I watched episode 1 of the series but decided not to finish watching. It kinda warped my memory of what I've read. I easily get distracted by missing/wrong details. It irritates me to the core. It gives me eye twitchies and acid reflux. It's my pet peeve.

I did stalk the cast on wikipedia though. Aaaaannndd.....

Jon Snow is pretty.

Just look at that fucking beautiful face. Da Fuuqq. Nice curly hair. Chu chu. I'm gay but I'm not blind.

I'm quite enjoying stalking the characters. Sansa looks snooty. I don't like her. Syrio is not bald. wtf? What's up with that? And I heard Renly and Loras were gay in the series. Hmmm..

I still have a couple more chapters to finish book 1. I'm quite excited for the other 4 books actually. I'm pretty sure it will take me a couple of months to finish everything.. Hold on for very depressing months to come!!