Monday, April 27, 2009

kfc famous bowl

I think I might have some sort of arterial clogging from eating too much KFC famous bowls. It's yummy. It has most of my favorite things. But I can actually feel my heart stop every time I take a bite out of it. On the other hand, I don't plan to live until I'm 108 anyway.. So.. Let's feast for tomorrow, we will die!! At least, it's a yummy death.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my blasphemous enchantress..

I've only been with two people in my life.
But this one..
(she was sick over the weekend. i had to blackmail her into swallowing the 4 pills.)

Well.. If I was really serious in counting all the break ups and make ups, let's just say I'd probably already have had roughly around1,256 girlfriends. But no matter how many times we have fake breakups, I will still court her every time. She's my bubu, ya know?

I was being a couch potato again when I looked up and saw this..
It's her early artistic/ADHD days. That's the pig that would be the outcome when you sing the 'small circle small circle' song and draw along to it. Are you familiar with that? I think it has 'this is mama. this is papa. saying goodnight' or something like that in it's lyrics. Mutant bear huh? meheheh.. Since she had ADHD, she got stuck in '6x6 6x6' a couple of times - that's explains a lot, right? I think she also got distracted while doing the left arm part. Love you Sang! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Were you ever confused about how your innards felt? Have you ever felt constipated? Were you hungry and felt that you overate at the same time? No? Yes? Well.. It looks a lot like this..
Hee.. She's weird huh? We were eating at Burgoo yesterday and I noticed that she was unusually quiet. Deafening silence infact. Simply nibbling away on her ribs and fries.. Staring at the passers-by. I asked her if there was anything wrong with her food. Well, she simply said she was "confused" + her signature pout. Constipated, hungry yet felt full. And then she grabbed a corn cob, a few french fries and continued chewing. How can you not love her?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fairytales = Bullshit

Relationships can be tricky. There are a million suggestions on how to keep it. Like this one for example : the Guru

But I guess it all comes down to us and how important that person is to actually do something to make it work.

Monday, April 6, 2009

mohawk babies

Guess who this cute cute cute mohawk baby is!!!
(manyak face. ganyan mukha nya pag minamanyak nya ako.)

(bewildered look + pouting lips. eheee heee.. She still makes that face when she's shocked. Ungguy. She makes me giggle. )

The grown up version is actually not that far from the baby version. See evidence below.
No special effects. No glue. No gel. It really just stands on its own!! Amazing, huh?

on pictures and stuff

I tagged along while Aisa bought new shoes and school stuff for JD. They also opened a junior BDO account for him. Lucky kid huh? Well, they needed 2x2 id pictures. So we rushed to the nearest Kodak station. It was for P75 each. blech. We took some pictures with my phone hoping that it would lower the cost. Turns out, the saleslady will use the same machine so all pictures would cost P75 regardless of where the pic came from. Meh. We just decided to go with the professionals. But here are the sample id pics. heee.
(take #5. She just couldn't keep a straight face.)


Turns out, they only needed JD's picture. Ang tanga lang ng taga bdo. nyahaha. Oh well. All wasn't lost though. Sanga said I could keep her id's. Ok fine. I took them from her and she'll never get them back.

I did discover a lot of things that day. She loves her family even though she complains a lot about them. And she really really loves taking pictures. I think she got that from her mom - who also took a lot of self portraits.
(pictorial at the hospital where her lolo was confined)

Another thing I discovered about Sanga..
My gf is the only person I know who looks haggard after spending a day at the spa. Meheheh.. But she did love our spa day. Phew. Thank goodness.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

layered bangs

I've never seen layered bangs before. Yesterday was a definite first. I can't post pictures here since sharp objects will rain down on me from the other side of the fence.
I have too much to live for to die from scissors and pens sticking out of my head.

BUT!! Here's a preview. ehehehe.