Sunday, October 28, 2012


Friendster always has fun halloween parties for the kids. Fun for me 'coz I didn't have to work. Who can honestly concentrate with these little piggies running around? Kids this size scare the hell out of me. I always have this weird feeling I might forget to look down and accidentally squish one of them.

 (counting the hoard)

 (matagal nang hindi nalinisan ni Ate Ana!)

Our new QA engineer. Ayaw pa disturb ni ate butterfly! Serious sa work!


Almost got ya..

Seriously. Taking pictures of these kids reminds me of taking pictures of puppies. All fur and blur.

Haha! I knew I'd get ya! Isn't she such a cutiepie? :)

There were more than 30 kids at the office. I tried to take pictures of their really cute costumes but I didn't have enough candies to bribe them into standing still. Little extortionists!!

Manananggal ni kuya guard. Galing no? It's made of basuro. He just carved it. Asttegg.

On a side note, things have been getting better. Talking helps I guess.. :)

I dunno why she likes to stick her face into my armpit when she sleeps. But me thinks it's cute.. 

And I think I'm gaining weight. Love for food (I can't even blame stress eating. I'm not stressed at all.) + being a couch potato = Flabs. I hate the holidays. I always have a headstart on gaining weight. It's only October and I have eaten 5 pounds. I wonder what I'll look like come January. Oh well.. Eat Pray Love! :)