Tuesday, June 23, 2009

si aisa kasi ganito..

Ganito si Aisa pag ginigising ko sha and gusto pa nyang matulog. Tapos pag kinakausap ko sha, nag zozombie talk sha. Kaya minsan din, pag nag tetext sha saken, tinatanong ko sha if she is really awake na. Sobrang haba ng tulog ng batang to. 12 hours ang minimum on weekends. Take note of the chewing!! Ganitong ganitoooo!!

... She makes me smile more than all the youtube cute babies and funny videos combined.

.. shebu shebu

I always fly home twice a year.. (or else my mom will come over and kill me). It's not that bad. She always prepares my fave seafood when I arrive. So.. last June, I witnessed another proof that weirdness does come in old age.

This is my mom singing her lungs out to some sort of song while doing some sort of katutubo grinding dance. I do have a video of it.. But I really shouldn't. I'm the only one who can handle such a sight.

We went shopping the whole day. As expected of old people, they took a nap.
That's our dog. The one in the middle of their bed.. Not the one in red shorts. That's my mom's bf. I call him "uncle". They've been together for 15 years now.
Anyway, I think that dog thinks he is human. A very moody one as well. He always cuddles up to me and has been tailing me the entire time I was home. The first thing he did when I arrived was to lick me all over and to take a chunk out of my slippers.

She also told me that they forbade Boo (our dog) to go outside because he might catch the AH1N1 virus. Of course she was only kidding but our two house helps were uber serious in following her orders. Speaking of househelps, we have two already! She took in the second one because she noticed that the first one was a bit lonely. I hope those two don't get lonely anytime soon.

By the way, I already came out to my mom. I was expecting some sort of.. "motherly shit". I did hear something "motherly" but it was far from being "shit". I was half expecting "shit" (my mom can be irritating sometimes) but you never know with her.
She said : "Anyway, I love you and I support you. Don't hide anything from me because I'm the only one who will fight for you and your sister."
++++ points for mama! Love you too, Ma.

she makes me laugh ..

round 1!!!

sanga: nagbigay na sbye at the salad
sanga: sayang

me: huh?
me: ano?

sanga: hahahaha
sanga: ano ba tong sinulat ko
sanga: eat mo an yung salad
sanga: OMG

me: :))

sanga: d ko sinulat yan
sanga: weird
sanga: may mumu

me: ikaw ang mumu

round 2!!

me : Hobby mo ba mag cuddle?

sanga : Huh? Nag kaka cuddle naman tayo ah.. Eh ano tawag mo nito? (raised voice and war freak eyebrows are shown.. and maybe a bit of fangs)
sanga : chever chever chever..

15 minutes later..

sanga : Raaawwrrrrrrr..

me : ??? (mali ba question ko?)

Friday, June 12, 2009

on trips and such : bangkok, thailand

Just got back from my very first out-of-the-country trip.. I am finally free from my DOST handcuffs and will be visiting other places soon (I hope).

Well.. I think Sanga has already detailed our trip in her blog (it's already super long and di pa yun tapos!! heeee..) so I guess I'll just add my experience.
(retouch.. hee hee.. you're the cutest ever)

I did love Dumbo even though I seriously considered pulling all of his forehead hair out. Malikot sha.. which reminded me of someone (yes.. including the butt scratching part). Plus may isang kagat ako ng elephant tick. I'm hoping it won't cause some sort of incurable disease shit coz that will totally suck. So far, it's healing quite beautifully. I looks like a mosquito bite. Or maybe it is just a mosquito bite? Kawawa naman si Dumbo. Pinagbintangan.
(princess ipac and her driver)

It was scary at first but after a few minutes, I decided that Dumbo would be awesome on EDSA. Can you imagine the possibilities?

And as I said, the places we visited were surreal. Like we were in some sort of postcard.
(buddha pose)

(sanga's version complete with hair)

Sanga really loved the place. She likes old things. It made me think as well. What did it look like before the war? We saw what was left of some really nice stone work on the walls. The palace must have been breathtaking.
(pre nup daw sabi ni denins)

Bubu loves to shop. I probably accompanied her to all Thai shops (believe me when I say there are MILLIONS of them. MILLIONSSSSS!!!). She lights up when she sees dresses. Bumibilog mata nya at parang may konting laway na tumutulo. Ikot lang ng ikot. Her eyes where everywhere. Parang mumu.
(comatose na paa ko. di ko na magalaw. had to sit or else they'll have to amputate my feet)

(drooling again at the airport. di pa pala tapos)

I, on the other hand, light up when I see food. I vowed to subject my tastebuds to anything it can handle. I loved how cheap their mangosteens were. It's only 20 baht per kilo. Here, it's almost 180 or something. In the Mindanao area, they're about half the price.

It was a sweet experience over all. I'd love to visit the place again someday. I'd probably wear super comfy shoes since I know Aisa will definitely take on Chatuchak again. Dread dread. Buti nalang may halong hugs. Not so dread na.. :)

(bat parang mas gumaganda sha sa ibang bansa? o baka lang dahil yun sa icecream at nadamay lang sha sa kagandahan sa paningin ko?)


What the hell is a nilupak?
I stood by the Pinoy cart yesterday for 10 minutes. I was busy staring at the nilupak (contemplating its fate) while waiting for someone to actually buy it. It looked like mashed potatoes and I like potatoes. Well, got tired and decided to try it for myself. It wasn't that bad. No diarrhea yet. I asked the lady what nilupak was made of but she didn't know as well.

So.. googled it. (Google is God) It's very much like the bisaya version - Nilusak but I think they differ a lot in presentation and taste. The ingredients are very the same though. Nilupak just doesn't taste anything like bananas. Couldn't find a trace. Puzzling.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I want to cook.
Don't get me wrong. I don't exactly have chef-like qualities but I do know how to follow instructions from a cookbook.

I want to exercise.
I'm gaining weight. I think it's mostly because Aisa just eats portions of everything and I'm left with the bulk of it. Mehehe.

I want to enroll in Muay Thai.
I did karate/arnis before work. I can't seem to find the time these days.

I want to go scuba diving.

I want to own a home.

I do hope God will hear at least one of these 'I wants'. I'm pretty easy to please actually.

give and take


Sanga has some sort of lung thing again. And her butt muscles are sore from sitting too long. As a result, we had to go to the doctor for checkups and xrays.

(Pina upo ko kasi masakit na daw yung legs nya.. Eh masakit din naman yung pwet. Oh! We also saw Matet there with her kids.)

Died of waiting for the people in Bureau of Immigration. I needed to process these papers in order to travel abroad. And we had to go there twice. What the hell. I don't know what the government was thinking when they placed their offices in far far far far far away lands. It's not enough for them to torture us with slow processing. They had to add hours of travel with it. But in fairness to them, they were really friendly and helpful. Maybe they just ought to change their process.

Even if it meant hours spent on waiting, it also meant hours of kulitan and laughs and 'squish squish' (don't even ask) and hugs and stolen kisses. Can't really complain. :)
Sanga always gets excited when she has a new buy. Just check out her blog for the millions of posts about new buys/finds.
(Zombie pose while checking out her new flats. We compared shoes from 4 stores and she finally decided on this one. Phew! hehehe)

She'd always justify her buys to me. Like that time she bought shoes online (which she has still yet to use.. but I think it'll be another month or so). She'd go on and on about how cute they would be on her feet and how many outfits would look awesome with it and how it's relatively cheaper than the 2k ones found on the shelves and how they'd be crucial when you kick a snatcher in the balls and other 'hows'.

When she has this really huge and suspicious smile on her face after spending hours on the computer, I just wait for the words 'may nabili ako' to come out of her mouth and do my fake sigh.

What she doesn't realize is that I have it all figured out.

Do you see this smile?

It curiously resembles this one.

Which, in turn, looks a lot like this one

Well, the last one isn't smiling. She's in the pa-model super project mode. Cute lola. Mehehehe!!

See? It's genetic. There is no sense in arguing. No need for the 'how's and saliva showers.

But still.. I can't help but smile.